The Great Burger Caper

I’m a Melbourne-based burger aficionado, born and raised in Melbourne’s south east suburbs. I enjoy the simple things in life; spending time with people who know how to have a good laugh, enjoying some beers or JD along with some good tunes. I am a huge Bon Jovi fan, however I love many music genres, and of course, I have always loved burgers. What’s not to love? A burger is truly something special. It covers all food groups at once, you can hold an entire meal in your hands, and there’s no dishes afterwards.

In 2014 I had the best burger that had ever crossed my lips. Or was it? Was this glorious slab of meat enclosed between salad and humble bread really the ultimate burger? Could there be more like it, or perhaps EVEN BETTER, in cafes and restaurants across Melbourne, nay, the country? I really didn’t know if that particular burger was The Best Ever, but in that moment I realised that I simply had to know for sure.

Thus, the Great Burger Caper was born- an ongoing adventure to explore different burger places in an attempt to discover the greatest burger of all. I established a ranking system and began reviewing them on Facebook and Instagram. I’m guided by recommendations from friends and followers, news articles and online reviews.

I’d love you to join me on my quest- follow me on Facebook and Instagram, comment on my reviews, and please, please, please contact me if you have stumbled upon the best burger ever- don’t keep your awesome burger place a secret. Share the love.


John Borgaire
Your tour guide on the odyssey to burger greatness


A final note:

I’m often asked about my favourite burger, which is kind of like asking a parent to name their favourite child. But, ever obliging, my dream burger would include double wagyu patties, double cheese, BLT, egg, caramelised onions, pineapple, pickle and BBQ sauce, all on a soft, brioche bun… and definitely hold the beetroot! Ugh! Beetroot has no business being on a burger!