I’m late, I’m late for a very important date

Everyone loves a surprise don’t they?  Well, that’s what I got when I went to “The Hatter and the Hare” in Bayswater for lunch recently.  It was lunchtime on a Tuesday and the place was packed, which was already a good sign.   After reading through the copious number of menu items that were vegan, gluten free, and in my world – “fancy”, I was starting to worry about what I would order.  As the first bead of sweat started to swell on my brow, I saw three burgers on the menu that were like a beacon of normality in an otherwise strange world.  

The options were aptly named, “Tweedledee”, “Tweedledum” and “Pig in the Woods” – the first one was chicken, the last one was pork, so that left the beef in the middle, which is what I went with.  “Tweedledum” came with two medium Sous Vide beef patties, Swiss cheese, THATH Island sauce, crispy onions, sriracha, lettuce, pickles, tomato and brioche bun.  There was an option to add egg and kaiserfleisch (which I have since discovered is bacon – I think?!), but I didn’t want to be a pig! Lol 

Luckily I was hungry though because this burger was pretty big.  It was oozing with sauces and cheese and despite the onion rings, looked amazing.  The first challenge (as always) was picking it up, and once I had my grip, there was no looking back.  The meat had a good taste to it and double patties were a welcome addition.  But it was the heat of the sriracha that hit me straight away.  It took a few bites for my tastebuds to acclimatise to the heat and once the other flavours of the island sauce, pickles and tomato entered the fray, it all came together nicely.  

The whole experience was like having to go to a wierd themed fancy dress party that you’re not really sure about, but once you get into it, actually really enjoy it.  This burger was surprisingly good and fries on the side were also tasty.  The dessert options are next level with loads of cakes and slices to also please those with a sweet tooth.  Well worth grabbing a table and finding out for yourself.

What do you think of sriracha sauce?
Split Decision – 6.9/10

Location: Hatter & the Hare, 1 / 21 Scoresby Road, Bayswater VIC 3153

After a self imposed slow down of burgers consumed in 2019, then Covid-19 restrictions in 2020, it was great to get back to enjoying something that I have loved for years – going out for a burger!  It was a glorious Sunday afternoon and I headed to Third Wave Café in Albert Park.  There was definitely a buzz in the sea breeze air, or perhaps it was the fact I had been drooling over their mouth watering creations on social media for such a long time and I was finally getting the chance to try it out for myself.  Either way, it was exciting.

There are plenty of meaty choices on the menu and I decided to go with “the classic”, but with a twist.  The Classic comes with 150g patty, lettuce, tomato, caramelised onions, streaky bacon and garlic mayo.  I decided to take it to the next level and swapped the standard meat patty with a Juicy Lucy patty, which as described on the menu is a “200g patty stuffed full of 2 year old Jack Cheddar cheese and bacon.  Once grilled the cheese melts inside the patty so you experience juicy, cheesy, bacony bliss with every bite.”

Luckily, I don’t judge a burger by it’s cover because if I am being honest, it was not the best looking burger going around, and disappointingly the lettuce was leafy, rocket styled grass and I am not a fan.  However, as soon as I took my first bite, I was hooked.  The flavour of the meat was like a punch in the face, or is that mouth?!  Either way, it was so tasty and it wasn’t just because it’d been so long in between burgers for me.  This was seriously amazing.  The Juicy Lucy patty delivered the extra cheesiness and with the onions, tomato, bacon and perfect amount of garlic mayo made for a great combination of flavours.

Chips on the side were equally tasty and washed down with an ice cold beer, completed the experience.  I went with high expectations and it did not disappoint.  Highly recommend you get down to Third Wave Café and try out one of their tasty creations for yourself.

What do you think of a Juicy Lucy patty?
KO – Knock Out – 8.3/10

Location: Third Wave Cafe, 181 Victoria Avenue, Albert Park VIC 3206

It was the Australia Day long weekend, and I was spending time down on the Mornington Peninsula.  Looking for places to eat for lunch and I spot a place on my burger radar called “It’s a Burger” in Rosebud.  Very “American Diner” looking with the décor and menu following suit. 

Whilst I debated in my head about which burger to try out, being a fan of chicken in a burger, I couldn’t resist going for the “Grand Farmhouse” which comes with beef, fried chicken, streaky bacon, pickles, American cheddar, butter lettuce and special sauce.  I also felt it was a good decision when the guy taking my order simply smiled and said “nice choice” – expectations were lifted immediately!

This was a great sized burger – not too big, not too small.  I felt like Goldilocks!  First bite and I was hooked.  It tasted so good.  Nice juicy patty, crispy bacon (but not too crispy), the right amount of sauce that had the right amount of zing to it and a neat, soft bun too.  The other great thing was that the chicken was not at “burn the crap out of your mouth” temperature, it was a warm “woofable” temperature, which made it so much easier to enjoy.  

Chips on the side were actually traditional thin cut French fries and they were awesome too.  

Overall,  I likened the style of the burger to a Bettys Burger or Royal Stacks, and the quality was just as good too.  Highly recommend this place and it is definitely worth trying out if you’re down that way.

What do you prefer, thick cut chips or thin fries?
KO – Knock Out – 8.5/10

Location: It’s a Burger, 897 Point Nepean Road, Rosebud VIC 3939

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