It’s (more than) a burger

It was the Australia Day long weekend, and I was spending time down on the Mornington Peninsula.  Looking for places to eat for lunch and I spot a place on my burger radar called “It’s a Burger” in Rosebud.  Very “American Diner” looking with the décor and menu following suit. 

Whilst I debated in my head about which burger to try out, being a fan of chicken in a burger, I couldn’t resist going for the “Grand Farmhouse” which comes with beef, fried chicken, streaky bacon, pickles, American cheddar, butter lettuce and special sauce.  I also felt it was a good decision when the guy taking my order simply smiled and said “nice choice” – expectations were lifted immediately!

This was a great sized burger – not too big, not too small.  I felt like Goldilocks!  First bite and I was hooked.  It tasted so good.  Nice juicy patty, crispy bacon (but not too crispy), the right amount of sauce that had the right amount of zing to it and a neat, soft bun too.  The other great thing was that the chicken was not at “burn the crap out of your mouth” temperature, it was a warm “woofable” temperature, which made it so much easier to enjoy.  

Chips on the side were actually traditional thin cut French fries and they were awesome too.  

Overall,  I likened the style of the burger to a Bettys Burger or Royal Stacks, and the quality was just as good too.  Highly recommend this place and it is definitely worth trying out if you’re down that way.

What do you prefer, thick cut chips or thin fries?
KO – Knock Out – 8.5/10

Location: It’s a Burger, 897 Point Nepean Road, Rosebud VIC 3939

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