The Royale treatment

Last post was from a “Coming to America” inspired “McDowwell” burger, and todays review is from a recent trip to a “Pulp Fiction” inspired place called “The Royale Brothers”. Located at the back of the Pantry restaurant in Brighton, this joint is listed 9th on the Herald Sun’s top 10 new hotspots for the perfect patty!

Like the Tarantino classic, the burger does not disappoint. I jumped in and tried the “Bacon Royale” – beef, bacon, double cheese, tomato, onion, lettuce, pickles, mustard, mayo and (original) Royale sauce!! A “very tasty burger” that packs a lot of flavour, especially in the patty. The double cheese aspect is reminiscent of McDonalds Quarter Pounder, except fresher and better tasting. The combination of mustard, mayo and Royale sauce works really well with the tomato, lettuce and onion. You do need to eat fast though as it was a slightly sloppy eating experience!

If you’re feeling really hungry, there’s a “Royale Double Deluxe” (double beef) or “Royale Joker” (triple beef).

The limited outdoor seating makes it difficult to eat there when it’s busy, and with no undercover area is not an option when it’s raining, so take away might be best!

This is a quality burger and definitely worth trying out.

What do we think of Royale Brothers?
TKO – Technical Knock Out – 7/10

Location: The Royale Brothers, 1 Church Street, Brighton VIC 3186

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