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The search continued today with a trip to The Butchers Club in Wan Chai, Hong Kong. This place opened earlier this year and has already been touted by some as the best burger in Hong Kong, and I found out why!

The menu couldn’t more simple, with only one burger listed. However, there is a secret menu accessed using a QR code that includes a few other choices. Given there was only one listed on the original menu, I couldn’t go past it and I’m glad I made that choice!

Not surprisingly, the patty is Australian Angus Beef from farms in Victoria and New South Wales. Each patty is hand pressed at the time of ordering, then seasoned and thrown onto the grill until cooked medium. The quality and taste of the meat was amazing!

On top of the patty was cheddar cheese, glazed bacon, tomato, pickles, onion spread and special sauce, on a soft brioche bun, which did not rip away either, making it a very “clean” eating experience. The flavours all worked perfectly together, especially the special sauce – so good! You could not get a word out of my mouth as I was lost in the moment and enjoying each and every bite of this amazing burger!

Thick, hand cut chips on the side too, that are triple cooked in duck fat – beautiful!

This is one of the best burgers I have had and I was so close to ordering a second one to enjoy while I was there! The only reason it has not equalled the “Major Burger” at “Tuck Shop” is the missing egg!
If you are in the Wan Chai, Hong Kong area be sure to grab yourself a Butchers Club burger – you will not be disappointed!

Where is the best burger outside Australia?
KO – Knock Out – 8.4/10

Location: The Butchers Club, Rialto Building, 2 Landale Street, Wan Chai, Hong Kong

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