Smash the double patty

Well another day, another burger! This time it was to Rockwell & Sons in Smith Street, Collingwood to try their “Double Patty Smash Burger”. The name alone had me excited, plus I have read a lot of good reviews about this burger, so was very much looking forward to the experience!!

The burger comprises of two medium grilled patties, dripping with melted Kraft singles cheese, with hot special sauce on a toasted brioche bun, and I took the option of adding bacon too.

My mouth was watering as I waited, then it finally arrived!

Unfortunately, this burger was like a big budget movie with a story line that went nowhere!

Too much special sauce, which over powered the taste of the burger and it was like the buns had been swimming in a bath of butter before being toasted. The meat and cheese was actually quite tasty, but never stood a chance as it drowned in the sea of special sauce!!

Chips on the side were quite tasty.

There are other sandwiches available and plenty of craft beers for you to enjoy while relaxing in a kind of funky, hipster atmosphere, but I wouldn’t be rushing down there for their “famous” burger!

What do other people think of the Double Patty Smash Burger?
Light Weight – 5.5/10

Location: Rockwell & Sons, 288 Smith Street, Collingwood VIC 3066

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