Portsea Hotel

Got back on the burger trail again today, and headed down to the iconic Portsea Hotel on the Mornington Peninsula. Despite the weather being overcast and a little ordinary ,it was still a nice place to spend the afternoon – sitting out on the deck looking across the grass and over to the water.

“The Point Nepean Burger” was what I was after – Black Angus beef patty, cheddar, crispy bacon, red onion, rocket & tomato chilli relish with aioli on a brioche bun. I understand that a good burger requires quality meat, which this definitely had, however that’s all you could taste?! The patty was very heavy and very meaty! I think it may have been a reflection of the other ingredients lacking some taste or maybe not being as fresh as they could be or both?! Either way, the burger was ordinary and was nowhere near the $25 price tag!!

Chips on the side looked cool in their own little frying basket, but never judge a book by its cover because that’s where ‘the story of the good chip’ ended.

A disappointing outcome because the Portsea Hotel is a great place to go, and I would still recommend going there, just not if you’re looking for a quality burger. Although, I’m sure after a hot day at the beach, and with a few cold beers, it’d still do the job!

What’s the most you’ve paid for a burger and was it worth it?
Split Decision – 6/10

Location: Portsea Hotel, 3746 Point Nepean Road, Portsea VIC 3944

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