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Out for a quick meal tonight at the Royal Hotel in Ferntree Gully, and was in the mood for a burger. Whilst not a traditional burger joint, I thought I’d give their “Aussie Beef Burger” a go to hopefully satisfy my craving!

I figured, how bad could it be?…… well, turns out it could pretty bad! The patty was not very thick and far from any angus or wagyu beef. It’s more likely to have been aged for a few hours after being taken from the packet of “big beefers” that were defrosted this morning. The order of ingredients was all over the place too with tomato and lettuce on the bottom, then the patty, egg, bacon, caramelised onion and cheese on top?! Cheese on top!! Ummmmm hello?? Atleast make an effort and try to get it looking more gourmet by melting the cheese to the patty!? And the bun! Lets not forget about the bun, that was likely taken fresh from the packet of tip top hamburger rolls bought at the local supermarket – 3 days ago! Ugh!!

In summary, it’s safe to say the burger was far where it needed to be! If you put this together at home yourself, you might be ok with it, but not when you’re out for dinner and it carries a $17 price tag!

If you’re going to grab a bite here make sure you stick to the steak or parma, and if you want a good burger drive down the road and visit On It Burgers in Ferntree Gully!

Where’s the best pub burger?
Throw in the Towel – 4.6/10

Location: Royal FTG Hotel, 1208 Burwood HIghway, Ferntree Gully VIC 3156

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