Hotel Sorrento

Well another trip down the Mornington Peninsula and another burger under the belt or is that over the belt?! Hmmmmm anyway, today’s adventure was to the famous Hotel Sorrento. The weather was near perfect this afternoon and the atmosphere in the pub was nice and relaxed.

The ‘beef burger’ comes with BLT, Swiss cheese, chipotle mayo, pickle and tomato relish on a slider bun. The meat was very tasty and worked well with the other ingredients. The lettuce and tomato was nice and fresh and the mayo added enough X factor without taking over. The only criticism was that the pickle was way too big and took over the overall taste. Plus it come out in two halves, requiring the burger to be put together?! Errrrrr hello?? It’s a burger, not an ‘open sandwich’??

Fat chips on the side were really good!!

All that said, it was a pretty good burger and whilst the $24 price tag seems steep, when washed down with a few Carlton draughts on tap, it made for a good experience.

What does everyone else think of the burger at Hotel Sorrento?
Split Decision – 6.7/10

Location: Hotel Sorrento, 5-15 Hotham Road, Sorrento VIC 3943

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