Aye Aye, Captain!

Another sunny afternoon today, which provided a good enough reason to get out of the office and grab a burger for lunch. I found my way to “Parlour Diner”, located in the trendy, Windsor end of Chapel Street. The place is a basic, no frills diner that is very casual, and the classic rock tunes playing in the background made for a great start to the experience.

There are plenty of burgers to choose from, and I went for what seemed to be the one with the most ingredients – “The Captain” which comes with 8oz beef patty, BLT, cheese, pickles, egg and sweet onions. I have since read that the beef is a ground mix of chuck and sirloin steak, which explains why the patty tasted good. The other ingredients were very fresh and worked well together, although using rocket lettuce was a little bit out there for me!? – I’m more of an iceberg man! The bun was not brioche, but still nice and soft. The only criticism was that it was a “messy eat” – mostly due to a slightly runny egg.

Overall, this was a solid burger and not too heavy, which is likely to leave you feeling satisfied, but not too full.

Good value for money at only $16 and given the extensive menu of American styled diner food, is well worth a visit to find out for yourself.

What’s the best type of lettuce to have on a burger?
Split Decision – 6.9/10

Location: Parlour Diner, 64 Chapel Street, Windsor VIC 3181

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