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After having a sensational burger earlier this week, I have been dying to get out and try another one, and this time it was to “The Bottle of Milk” in Torquay. This place gives off a really good vibe from the minute you walk in – open, spacious and laid back.

It was early afternoon, and way past lunchtime, so I was starving. There are lots of burgers on the menu to choose from and whilst I would normally go for whichever represents “the lot”, I felt like something different. I was obviously in a “New York state of mind” because I couldn’t look past the “Original NYC” burger. Double patty, double cheese, salt and pepper mayo, homemade tomato relish, onion, dijon mustard, a whole dill pickle and I added bacon too!

Rather than the traditional wooden board, the burger was served on an enamel plate – reminiscent of an early childhood camping trip!! This was a great tasting burger!! The flavour of the beef was really good. The mayo, relish and mustard worked really well together and was just right for the amount of meat. I wonder if it’d be over powering with only one patty?! Hmmmmm…… the only criticism was the bun. I would have preferred brioche and the “bun to meat” ratio was way off! It’s like the bun was on steroids or something and made the patty look tiny?! The benefit was that you didn’t end up finishing with no bun on the bottom – that’s happened to the best of us, and it’s very annoying!!

Another difference today was not opting for the standard Carlton Draught on tap, but instead a craft beer called Hop Star. Whilst I wasn’t rushing to grab a second one, it did the job nicely. Chips were particularly good too!

Overall a pretty good experience, and if you’re visiting the Surf Coast suggest you take the time to drop in and enjoy a beer and burger for yourself.

Where is the best burger on the Surf Coast?
TKO – Technical Knock Out – 7.2/10

Location: The Bottle of Milk, 24 Bell Street, Torquay VIC 3228

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