Mister Double Up!

Since my last disappointing experience earlier in the week, I have been keen to get back on the good side of things, so I headed to “Mr Burger” in Chapel Street, Prahran today. A basic, warehouse looking place with seats inside, however the sunshine was calling and a seat outside made for the perfect setting to enjoy a burger!

There are 4 choices on the menu – Mr Burger, Mr Meat, Mr Veg and Mr Hot! I went the “Mr Meat”, which came with beef, cheese, lettuce, bacon, caramelised onions, pickle, BBQ sauce and mayo. I was also feeling particularly hungry today, so I decided to double up the experience by adding another patty.

Served “trucker” style and wrapped in paper, the burger is also partly wrapped in foil too, which makes for a very “clean” eating experience. The first bite was amazing. The meat was really tasty, and none of the other ingredients were too much either – everything worked well together! And the bun was buttery and soft – mmmmmmm so good!! I barely took a breath as I woofed into this delightful little gem!

Chips on the side were also really tasty. The only thing missing was an ice cold beer to wash it down!

Whilst the picture does not do it justice, this was a top burger and definitely worth trying for yourself. There are 3 more locations in CBD, Fitzroy and Victoria Market, plus there are a few large, orange food vans driving around to different places all the time too – just check their website!

What has been your Mr Burger experience?
KO – Knock Out – 8.1/10

Location: Mr Burger, 364 Chapel Street, South Yarra VIC 3141

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