Sam the Man!

It’s good to be back!!! Whilst I have continued to enjoy some familiar burgers, 20 days is waaaaay too long between tasting something new, so I was rapt to finally get out and go to another burger joint today! This time is was to “Hello Sam” at the city end of Chapel Street in South Yarra.

This place is pretty cool, with lots of inside and outside seating in a bright, feel good kind of atmosphere. There is a good range of burgers on the menu, and I opted for “Sam the Man” which is the closest thing on the menu to the lot. It includes BLT, red onion, tomato relish, mustard mayo, egg and beetroot relish, which (as you know) I excluded because I just don’t do beetroot on a burger! That was even despite the waitress telling me I was leaving out the best part?! Hmmmmmm……. Anyway……

You can order this beast with 1, 2 or 3 patties and given I was feeling particularly hungry today, I wanted to “bulk up” the offering to make sure I satisfied my craving. 3 patties seemed a little too much and thought I might start growing a curly tail, so I held back and only ordered the double patty – with double cheese too of course!
As soon as it arrived I was pleased with my decision to not go for a triple patty. This burger was big, dripping with cheese and held together with a skewer. I wasn’t sure where to start. When I picked it up, I thought I was almost going to have a disaster on my hands because it was sliding around so much, but I got it together, held my composure and placed my hands in the perfect position as I strategically thought through how I was going to eat this thing. Then, I destroyed it in no time.

The first bite and I was hooked! This was one of the tastiest burgers I have had, and that’s not just because I’d been almost 3 weeks without trying a new burger either. The meat was full of flavour, the bun was beautifully soft, and everything else just worked!!

No chips on the side today, due to the double patty indulgence, but I did enjoy washing it down with the standard, ice cold, Corona!

This was a fantastic burger experience and one that I highly recommend. Will definitely be going back for Round 2!

What do you think of Hello Sam?
KO – Knock Out – 8/10

Location: Hello Sam, 760 Chapel Street, South Yarra VIC 3141

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