Flat white, no sugar please!

Got out again today for another burger, and this time I ventured to the “Drugstore Espresso” in South Yarra. This was a little café styled place split across 2 levels and serving basic meals and lots of coffee!

There were only 3 burgers on the menu, and given one was chicken and another had avocado on it, the choice was simple! I ordered the Wagyu Beef Burger (grain fed) with onion jam, vintage cheddar, rocket and tomato relish served on a brioche bun.

Presentation wasn’t bad and it looked tasty. Unfortunately, this one really didn’t hit the spot. The onion jam and tomato relish together reminded me of the pan cooked combination my parents used to serve up with a roast (ugh!) and the flavour was too strong! The rocket lettuce didn’t taste overly fresh – it tasted like weeds from the garden and was probably the worst type to use. I mean, would it kill you to throw in some fresh, crisp iceberg or even cos lettuce instead??

It doesn’t stop there either. A brioche bun is considered to be the best due being soft and sweet, however when it is toasted to within an inch of its life it becomes crispy and dry!

The meat was actually pretty tasty and was definitely the best part. It was just a shame that like the Jackson 5, there was one good part surrounded by an ensemble of mediocrity!!

Fat chips on the side were as good as any oven baked variety you would get in the freezer section of the local supermarket.

I was hoping to finish the working week on a high note, however that was not the case. Best stick to coffees I think!

Which place not known for burgers, has the best burger?
Light Weight – 5.1/10

Location: Drugstore Espresso, 194 Toorak Road, South Yarra VIC 3141

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