Misty’s double whammy!

Despite the terrible weather today, I was in the mood for a burger (again!), and decided to head down to Misty’s Diner in High Street, Prahran. Whilst I have been there a few times before, I have never done a review of their burger and rather than rely on my fading memory, thought it was best to have a fresh idea of what it’s like before going to print.

Misty’s is a relaxed, 50s styled diner dishing up plenty of American styled food such as burgers, hot dogs, etc. Today, they had plenty of Elvis tunes playing too, which was a great start! I was feeling particularly hungry, and despite there being a “5 patty, 5 cheese, 3 bun and chips” to finish in 14 minutes (yeah – you read that right!), I didn’t feel like (literally) rolling out of there today or being sick either, so I decided to overlook the challenge! Now, normally I would order the “Misty’s American Style” (the lot), however given the recent success I have had with double patties, I ordered the “Double Whammy” instead – 2 x patties, 2 x bacon, 2 x cheeses, lettuce, tomato, mayo and smokey BBQ sauce!

This is a decent sized burger and at first, was hard to get my mouth around it. It comes wrapped in paper, and best you leave it on given the amount of sauce on it as it could end up being an even messier experience than you’d like. There is lots of sauce on these burgers, and lots of mayo too. I’m pleased I went the double patty option as it helped to even out the taste of the sauce and mayo, which pretty much takes over the burger!! The bun was ordinary too – not fresh enough, dry around the outside and it falls apart as you eat, which is probably due to all the sauce and mayo!! Wasn’t there lettuce and tomato on there somewhere too?? Hmmmmm……

Washed it down with a Budweiser today, which is apparently the “king of beers”, but im not convinced! Infact, the only king I knew there today was having his music played in the background!

The meat is reasonably tasty, but this burger would be so much better if there wasn’t so much sauce and mayo!!! And this is consistent with my previous experiences too.

“The Lot” versus “Double Patties” – which one wins?
Split Decision – 6.4/10

Location: Misty’s Diner, 103-105 High Street, Prahran VIC 3181

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