Nip it in the Bud!

After a late night, and then a drive down the Mornington Peninsula today, I was definitely in need of some serious burgerness for lunch. I’d read about a new burger place in Rosebud called “Spitfire Restaurant & Grill”, so headed there to check it out.

This place is done up in an old war plane theme and all the burgers are named accordingly. In the doorway, there is a large sign that says “Rosebuds biggest burgers” and as I sat waiting for my order to arrive, I could see exactly what they meant. These burgers were seriously massive!

I ordered the “Spitfire”, which came with homemade patty, caramelized onion, cheese, tomato, cucumber, lettuce and tomato sauce on a toasted Turkish bun, and I took the option to add egg and bacon too! The burger was stabbed straight through the middle with a large steak knife and it must have been almost 20cm tall. The patty itself was a good 3-4cm thick! This was definitely the biggest, single patty, non-challenge burger I have ever had and at first wasn’t sure how I was going to eat it. Everyone in the place was using a knife and fork, but to me, that’s just not right – it’d be like eating pizza or a hot dog with a knife and fork?! So, I squashed it down, picked the beast up and started to work my way through it!

This was a very messy meal, and I would love to say it was amazing, but unfortunately it just didn’t hit the spot. The lettuce was terrible – rocket and waaaaay too much. Plus the cucumber was cut really thick and the taste of it didn’t really work. The patty was ok, but fell apart as you ate through it, and luckily it was a Turkish bun because a soft brioche would have ripped away to nothing.

Despite the score, the experience of this was still good, but they should keep it simple, for example have a basic, bacon cheeseburger without all the trimmings, making it all about the patty! The burgers might be the biggest, but they’re a long way from being the best!

Does burger size matter?
Light Weight – 5.2/10

Location: Spitfire Restaurant & Grill, 1181 Point Nepean Road, Rosebud VIC 3939

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