An old classic!

2 days in a row!! Christmas has come early this year!! I finally got down to the famous “Andrews Burgers” in Albert Park. Established in 1939, this family owned business is a burger institution in Melbourne.

The menu is fish n’ chip style with potato cakes, dim sims, souvlaki’s, etc and whilst they offer a few different burgers, the choice was simple – Andrews Burger with the Lot! Beef, BLT, egg, cooked onions, double cheese and tomato sauce.

The burger was not what I would class as a modern day, gourmet burger that made me weak at the knees. I would class this as a really, really good fish n’ chip shop burger. The patty was pretty tasty, the ingredients were fresh and were evenly spread through the burger.

Chips were delightful and without being able to have the standard Corona, I decided to ‘fancy it up’ a bit and wash it down with a Perrier instead!!

The burger was good value for money at $11.50, and given the history, you should definitely try this at least once.

What does everyone else think of Andrew’s?
Split Decision – 6.9/10

Location: Andrews Hamburgers, 144 Bridport Street, Albert Park VIC 3206

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