Aioli anyone?

Needed a burger fix today, and this time I headed to “Charlie & Co Burgers” at the Emporium on Lonsdale Street. When I read this joint was in the food court, I wasn’t sure what to think but it is actually well placed in the middle and away from the riff raff. Otherwise, I hadn’t heard much about it, so was interested to try it out.

Whilst the “Double Cheese & Bacon Burger” was tempting, I went for the “Mighty Charlie Burger” which came with wagyu patty, smoked middle bacon, free-range egg, melted cheddar cheese, sun ripened tomato, pickled gherkins, caramelised onions, garden leaves, aioli & Charlie’s signature tomato sauce. That’s exactly how it was written on the menu and in hindsight, there were way too many adjectives in the description. I mean, who cares if the tomato is “sun ripened”?? It’s a burger dude!!

Anyway, lets start with the bun that was toasted to within an inch of its life – crispy, dry, and started to fall apart with the first bite – not a good start – ugh!! Then the “pickled gherkins” – yes, plural so the definition was absolutely correct, but WAY too many – they took over the whole taste – ugh!! Then the “garden leaves” – again an accurate description, and like something I picked from my own yard – definitely no lettuce to be found – ugh!! And lastly, the aioli – the description should have been “drowned in aioli” – too much – ugh!!

The chips on the side were ordinary, and after being told they had no Corona’s, I settled for a Heineken, which really wasn’t as good.

Definitely not a great experience today, and given the $20 price tag (plus drink) not worth it in my book.

What’s been your experience at Charlie & Co?
Light Weight – 5.2/10

Location: Charlie & Co, 287 Lonsdale Street, Melbourne VIC 3000

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