Oh Brother, it’s Marvellous!!

The first day of spring today and with the sun shining, I got out and about for a burger. Today I made my way to the highly recommended, “Brother Burger and the Marvellous Brew”. The original place is in Fitzroy, and has recently opened in Chapel St, South Yarra too. I was very keen to try it out.

Whilst the “Oh Brother” on the menu was very tempting (due to the double patty), I went straight for “The Lot” – 100% wagyu beef patty, bacon, free-range egg, cheese, pineapple, lettuce, house-made onion jam, pickles, mustard-mayo & ketchup. “Plus beetroot” was listed as an extra and the fact that they don’t include beetroot in their traditional “lot” was enough to get me on side very early! Very impressed.

As soon as it came out I thought how perfect it looked, then I tasted it……. SEN-SA-TION-AL!!! Seriously! So, so good! I destroyed it! The meat was so tasty, and all the ingredients worked perfectly – the pickles versus the mayo versus the pineapple versus the onion jam!! The list goes on and on. The only criticism (if there was one), is it was a little bit of a “messy eat”, but when you have pineapple involved and you’re eating faster than a “hungry, hungry, hippo”, it’s kinda expected!?

Soooooooo, its time to step aside Ziggy’s because we have a new sheriff in town and its called, “Brother Burger”.

Fries on the side were really good, and there are plenty of craft beers to choose from too.

This burger was unreal, and definitely worth trying out for yourself. I will be back to try the “Oh Brother” next!!

Is this anyone’s favourite burger place?
Contender – 9.1/10

Location: Brother Burger & the Marvellous Brew, 560 Chapel Street, South Yarra VIC 3141

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