Strong performance from Nirvana

It’s another beautiful, sunny day in Queensland today, and before settling in to watch the AFL Grand Final this afternoon, thought I would get out and load up on the carbs by visiting “Burger Lounge” in Kirra Beach. I found this place listed on the internet under the top 10 burgers joints in Queensland. It’s a small little place opposite the beach, with a fair bit of seating and funky feel to it as well.

Plenty of choice on the menu with “mini” and “major” burger variations to cater for all levels of hunger! I was particularly hungry today so decided to go for the “Nirvana” burger which came with beef patty, BLT, tasty cheese, char grilled pineapple, egg, beetroot relish, tomato relish, roast garlic aioli, pickled cucumber and Spanish onion. As always, I had the beetroot relish removed and given I was starving, threw in an extra patty and extra slice of cheese!! After ordering I wasn’t sure what to think when the waitress raised her eyebrows, gave a slight shake of the head and said “that’s going to be a HUGE burger!”

Well, she was right. This burger was seriously big. I got myself ready, took out the skewer holding it together, picked it up, got the right grip position and started to eat. The patty was really good, and well complimented by the sweet taste of the pineapple, fresh bacon, cucumber, aioli, etc – it all worked very well together! The only criticism was that the freshly cut pineapple was way too thick, making it a slippery experience and much more difficult to eat. Otherwise, all good!

I washed this beast down with a craft beer today – 28 Pale Ale which was on tap and went very well with the meal. Chips on the side were also very tasty!

This was a really, really good burger and definitely worth trying for yourself if you are ever in the area and be prepared to walk out full!

What do people think of pineapple on a burger?
TKO – Technical Knock Out – 7.9/10

Location: Burger Lounge, 6B/1 Douglas Street, Coolangatta QLD 4225

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