Roadhouse delight

Despite having “Big Chiefs” burgers a few times since my last post, I thought tonights effort warranted a quick review. Instead of the usual “Works Burger” I went for the “Roadhouse Burger” which comes with 2 x 120gm beef patties, double cheese, lettuce, tomato, onion and country sauce. I was also as hungry as 10 men too, so I added bacon and egg for good measure!!

The country sauce gave it a really distinctive taste, and despite there being too much of it, the whole burger was de-light-ful!! The double patty, the cheese, the bacon, the egg…… Mmmmmmmm so good! I barely took a breath as I threw down this marvellous creation.

This was slightly better than the works burger, although that may simply be a result of my hunger levels!!

Can your hunger make a burger better?
TKO – Technical Knock Out – 7.2/10

Location: Big Chiefs, 18 Griffith Street, Coolangatta QLD 4225

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