Laid-Back Big Kahuna

Perfect weather for getting out and about today, so headed to Surfers Paradise and made my way to a place called “Longboards Laid-Back Eatery & Bar” for lunch. The Gold Coast Bulletin has this place listed as number 3 in their Top 10 Gold Coast Burgers, so I was keen to give it go! This is a cool, relaxed, beach themed place that actually looks onto the pool of the neighbouring hotel and serves up gourmet burgers and craft beers.

It was late in the day and I hadn’t eaten, so was super starving!! However, I was not hungry enough to take on their “Phat Bastard Challenge” (great name!), which was to finish their 1.8kg burger plus chips in less than 30 minutes to win a $150 bar tab! I didn’t think the $49.50 price tag was worthwhile giving it a go either!?

Therefore, I went for the more appropriately sized, “Big Kahuna” burger – Wagyu beef patty, BTL, onion, pineapple, mustard pickle, mayo and BBQ sauce! As usual, I had the beetroot taken out! This was a big burger that came served on a wooden board with a large steak knife through the middle to hold it all together. At first, it was hard to get my mouth around it, and unfortunately the diameter of the patty was too small for the bun, which meant the first 3 bites had no meat!? Also, because the pineapple and BBQ sauce was at the top, it meant that the brioche bun ripped apart immediately!! Not a good start.

However, once I got my technique together and got to the actual patty, it was like a taste explosion!! The meat was really good and the mayo on the bottom, with the pineapple and BBQ sauce on top balanced out the flavours perfectly.

This delightful little number was washed down today with a James Squires 150 Lashes, which was on tap and is fast becoming the preferred beer of choice! Add some tasty chips on the side and an outdoor seat, partially in the sun and you’ve got yourself a magnificent experience.

An increased patty size and this would have definitely pushed above 8/10. This is definitely worth a try and I would love to go back and try the “Phat Bastard” or at least the reduced “Mini Phat” version!!

Who else has been to Longboards?
TKO – Technical Knock Out – 7.7/10

Location: Longboards Laid-Back Eatery & Bar, Q1 Resort & Spa, Hamilton Avenue & Northcliff Terrace, Surfers Paradise QLD 4217

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