Mr Double the flavour!

Don’t you hate it when you get caught up with work and end up missing the pre-scheduled lunch time you have in your head?? It seriously affects your level of hunger and probably general state of mind too!! Then when you finally get a chance to break free, you frantically think through the options of what to eat. The thought process at that time is like you’re in a movie and only have a few minutes to save the world, but don’t know where to go or what to do, so you panic! This happened to me today. I was starving and of course the only thing that would cure me was a good burger fix, so I headed to the nearest place – Mr Burger in the CBD on Little Bourke Street, near Queen Street.

Now, I have had their burgers plenty of times before, and thought I had worked out on my fast paced walk there what I was going to have, until I walked in and saw they had another burger on the menu….. “Mr Double”. I don’t remember seeing this at their South Yarra store or at their food van!?

This delightful little number came was double patties, double cheese, double bacon, lettuce, onion, tomato, pickle and trucker sauce!!! Right up my alley!!! This was a really tasty piece of heaven. Good meat, great combo of flavours and just the right amount of sauce. It definitely hit the spot.

No drink and no chips today. It was all about the burger!

These are quality burgers that consistently deliver and worth while finding out for yourself. Also, if you’re looking for a catering option, they offer the opportunity for one of their trucks to set up just for you!!! Mmmmmmm burgerlicioius!!!

Are double patties the way to go?
KO – Knock Out – 8.2/10

Location: Mr Burger, 428 Little Bourke Street, Melbourne VIC 3000

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