In the mood for Dude Food!

Well after a shaky start to the new year, I was keen to redeem myself and get back on the burger winning side of things. Today I found myself out in Essendon, so headed to the “Dude Food Man” in a hope to satisfy my craving for a high quality burger. This place has been on my wish list for quite a while, so I was super excited to see what it was like.

A simple place, decked out with décor from a 50s styled diner. The menu is straight forward and for me an easy choice. The “Ultimate Double Cheese & Bacon Burger”, which comes with double wagyu patties, double american cheese, double cold smoked bacon, onions, pickles, smokey hand made BBQ sauce and aioli. And if that wasn’t enough, I decided to add a southern fried, spicy chicken fillet to make it even more interesting.

My mouth was watering as I waited, and as soon as it arrived I thought it would be good as it looked amazing, served tilted, in a small metal tray. I picked it up, decided on my angle of attack and went at it! Mmmmmmm…… the meat was so tasty and well complimented by the spicy chicken, cheese and pickles. Actually, the combination of all the flavours were on point and packed a great punch!

Hand cut chips on the side were ok, but for me it was all about the burger today and I was not disappointed. Definitely recommend you trying this one out for yourself, and be daring…… add some fried chicken too! Awesome!

What do other people think of the Dude Food Man?
KO – Knock Out – 8.2/10

Location: Dude Food Man, 191 Buckley Street, Essendon VIC 3040

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