Extra patty? No charge!

Out and about for another burger adventure recently, and this time I headed to Changz Canteen in Elsternwick. This little place is decked out well, with a great star wars mural on the wall, which was a good sign. I have heard a bit about this place, so was keen to find out for myself.

The menu is simple and basic, then you can add extras to your burger of choice – for example, I ordered the “Cheeseburger” which comes with only beef, cheese, ketchup, mustard, pickles and onions. Then I added another patty, more cheese and a piece of fried chicken. Over the last few months I have become a huge fan of fried chicken in a burger – with double patties too of course!!

Anyway, I was starving and it seemed like a lifetime until my burger arrived, although in reality it was actually served in a reasonable amount of time.

As soon as my burger hits the table, the waited tells me there’s a problem. Uh oh! What is it?…… they forgot to put in the extra patty! Ummmmmm what?? Really? How hard can it be? The feeling of disappointment fell through my body. But immediately, and to his credit, the waiter had a solution – instead of waiting for another burger to be cooked, he said I could eat this one for free! Ummmmmm what? That’s right, said I could eat it for nothing because they got it wrong! Now, that is some great customer service! So of course, I obliged and agreed to eat my free burger – despite it being one patty too light!

The beef tasted really good. The fried chicken was actually a ‘brick’ – yep, a big square chunk of deep fried chicken breast, like a massive nugget. The flavours of the sauce, pickles, cheese with the combination of beef and chicken were so good.

The only criticism was the bun. Too dry and unfortunately, a little on the tasteless side. It really did not go with the quality of the rest of the burger and it took away from what would have been a really great experience.

Having said that, the ingredients were good enough that I will definitely try this place out again, and see if it was just an “off bun” kind of day. Plus it’s the least I can do given I still haven’t paid for a burger there yet! I suggest you go there and find out for yourself.

What burger place has the best service?
Split Decision – 6.9/10

Location: Changz Canteen, 256 Glen Eira Road, Elsternwick VIC 3185

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