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Got out for another burger recently, and this time headed to “Miss Alex & Co” in Elwood. I’d read a bit about this place so was keen to find out what it was like. It’s a funky, hipster kind of café styled place with a variety of things on the menu. I only had eyes for a burger, and with only 2 choices, it was pretty easy to decide.

I ordered the “Mister Alex Burger” which came with wagyu mince patty, fried egg, bacon, caramelised onion, American cheese, lettuce and mayo on a brioche bun. I thought about adding some southern styled crumbed chicken, but it was lunchtime and I didn’t need to be rolling out of there and in need of an afternoon nap to make sure I got through the day.

The burger looked good, and had the taste to match. The egg was amazing for some reason too!? Not sure what some chickens get fed, but it added such a good taste to the burger. The meat was good, and the combo of flavours worked well together too.

Fat chips on the side were awesome, although should have come with a temperature warning because they were sooooooo hot!! I passed on the “organic cola” drink on offer (yeah, you read that right – very hipster!!) and washed it down with a cold Corona instead, which topped off what was a good experience.

Overall, this was a solid burger and definitely worth getting your mouth around and finding out for yourself.

Is egg an essential burger ingredient?
Split Decision – 6.7/10

Location: Miss Alex & Co, 83-85 Brighton Road, Elwood VIC 3184

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    1. glad to hear you like an egg on your burger JM. Let me know if you come across an awesome burger with egg on it! (or without it too!?)

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