Well, pretty Merry!

I was near Crown Casino recently on another beautiful sunny afternoon in Melbourne and after skipping lunch was in desperate need for a burger. I wanted somewhere safe, so to speak and knew exactly where I wanted to go – “The Merrywell”. I had not been there for a long time, but had good memories of my last visit so figured it would hit the spot.

There is a restaurant upstairs and more casual dining downstairs. Sitting near the bar, with the sun shining through the windows, the setting was perfectly relaxing. I ordered “The Merrywell” burger, which came with beef patty, bacon, cheese, pickles, lettuce, tomato, onion, special sauce, ketchup and mustard. Also, given I was so hungry, I decided to add battered chicken fillet pieces too!

This was a really good burger. The patty was great and the added chicken contrasted and complimented the flavour of the beef perfectly. Again, the egg tasted amazing, which further enhanced the overall taste, and the special sauce had a bit of kick that really got the tastebuds working overtime. The only criticism was that the bun seemed a little bit too small, although it may have only been because of the additional chicken?! Plus the $31 price tag was a little on the steep side too.

Chips on the side were really good and washing it all down with a few pints of Carlton Draught topped things off perfectly.

The Merrywell has a really good reputation and is one of the best burgers going around, so as Molly would say, “do yourself a favour” and get in there to find out for yourself.

What do you think of chicken in a beef burger?
TKO – Technical Knock Out – 7.6/10

Location: The Merrywell, Corner Claredon Street & Crown Riverside, Melbourne VIC 3000

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