Slippery When Wet

Found myself in desperate need of a burger for lunch recently, so headed down to “Saintly Burgers” in Elwood. I’d read a bit about this place and was keen to find out what it was all about. Well located in the main strip of Elwood, this little place has a fair few seats for people to enjoy the burger goodness that is being pumped out off the grill.

There are plenty of burgers on the menu, and whilst I was tempted to have “the whole lot”, I opted for the “Ol’ Smokey” burger instead, which came with two flame grilled grass fed beef burgers, bacon, melted american cheese, tomato chutney, lettuce, tomato, red onion, aioli and smoked BBQ bourbon sauce! You can also choose the type of bun too, and of course I went with brioche!

This was a decent sized burger and looked awesome. I sat and admired this beast as I decided on my plan of attack. As soon as I picked it up I knew this would not be a “clean” experience. I got myself a good grip, then moved in for my first bite. This burger turned out to be like my favourite album, “Slippery When Wet”. As soon as I took a bite it was like each patty decided to go in opposite directions!? Now, I would like to consider myself as a reasonably experienced burger eater whose technique is usually quite good, but this slippery sucker was a nightmare to eat. The beef patties together and up against the bacon slipped around all over the place, with half of one of the patties actually falling out at one point. Ugh!! And I have a rule that once you pick the burger up, you cannot put it down – no matter what! In fact, this is consistent with the burger eating guide on the Saintly Burgers website too!!

Anyway, despite the eating challenge, the taste of this burger was really good. The meat was tasty, and the combo with the BBQ sauce, cheese, bacon, etc was awesome. I just felt like I spent my time pushing ingredients back into the burger and trying to realign everything, which did not make the overall experience too great.
Chips on the side were “just chips” and again, I washed it all down with a nice, cold Corona.

In summary, this was a solid burger, and I would definitely go back again to see if my “slippery” experience was a once off, because if this held together better, I’m sure I would have scored it higher. I suggest you get down there and find out for yourself!

What is the messiest burger you’ve ever had?
Split Decision – 6.9/10

Location: Saintly Burger, 81 Ormond Road, Elwood VIC 3184

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