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I was lucky enough to get away recently and spend some time down on the Surf Coast, and to finish it off, I wanted to get down to one of my favourite fish ‘n chip shops – “Flippin’ Fresh” for a burger. I have been there plenty of times before for fish ‘n chips and always had a good meal, so was keen to find out what their burger was all about.

There is a burger on the regular fish ‘n chip shop menu and there is also a gourmet burger menu, so I ordered the “Bells” burger which comes with beef patty, fried red onions, BTL, egg, vintage cheddar, pineapple, relish, mayo, mustard and it also comes with beetroot, but it was another “hold the beetroot” moment.

This was a simple looking burger that from the first bite really didn’t hit the spot. The meat seemed like something you would get from the local butcher and rather than be melted to the patty, the cheese was sitting on the bottom?! Huh?! I thought this was a gourmet burger?? At least make the effort to melt the cheese to the meat! And it was in a sourdough, seeded bun that was far from being considered fresh. It was so chewy, I’d say that it had been there for days before being used. This was the third time I’d had a burger in Torquay and got the same type of (ordinary) bun! What’s that about??

I was really confused with what made this a “gourmet” burger in comparison to the burger on their standard menu? The only thing I could determine was that maybe the patty was a fraction thicker and the bun was different, albeit as chewy as caramel toffee! In the end, this was a disappointing experience, especially for a place that pumps out some of the best fish ‘n chips going around. Maybe they had an Easter long weekend hangover and were having an off day?? Either way, I suggest you avoid the “gourmet” burgers and stick to their fish ‘n chips!

Where is the best fish n’ chop shop burger?
Throw in the Towel – 4.7/10

Location: Flippin’ Fresh, 33 Surf Coast Highway, Torquay VIC 3228

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