More give, less take, Mr G!

Going to a bank for a burger sounds like a weird thing right?? Well, not if you’re in Docklands and make your way to the NAB building next to Etihad Stadium, because there, in the main foyer inside the building, you will find the “Mr G Burger Bar”. Located amongst a coffee shop, bank branch and fully equipped workstations for open use, you can chow down on a burger at the same time. I have been keen to try this place, so was super excited to find myself in the right place at the right time.

There are 5-6 burgers on the menu, and given I was feeling particularly hungry, I opted for the “Big Al”, which comes with double wagyu patty, mustard, mayo, tomato sauce, BTL, double cheese, pickles and BBQ sauce. Ummmmmm tomato and BBQ sauce together?? Hmmmmmm this will be interesting! As I sat there waiting for my burger to be delivered, I couldn’t help but feel sceptical. I mean, I was sitting in a bank building surrounded by corporate workers bustling through the place as they grab a quite bite to eat on their lunch breaks. How good could this be?

It arrived. It looked pretty good. I waited for the temperature to drop a fraction before picking it up and getting into it. As soon as I picked it up, I thought “Uh oh! The bun feels crispy around the edges. I’m not sure it will make it!?”. Then I took the first bite and my thoughts moved quickly to, “ok, this tastes pretty good!”. The meat was a really good flavour, so I was glad I went the double patty option. The other ingredients were good too. I could only taste BBQ sauce, not tomato and given it was served with a separate packet of tomato sauce, I had to question whether it was even on the burger? It didn’t matter. I pushed on. The flavours had me hooked and focussed on each bite. The only criticism, was that there was a lot of strong flavoured pickles that occasionally took over the whole taste of the burger, and as predicted, sadly, the bun didn’t make it. The last 3 bites were taken with no bun on the bottom. I hate it when you run out of bun, either because the bread is terrible or there is too much in the burger or worse, both!

Overall though I would have to say that this was a surprisingly tasty burger, that was also complimented by some equally tasty chips on the side.

Maybe every corporate workplace should have a quality burger joint within the building? Surely, it would boost morale?! If you work in the building or in the area and looking for a solid burger, I’d definitely recommend you try it out, and you could open an account while you’re there too?! Lol

Do you prefer tomato or BBQ sauce on your burger?
TKO – Technical Knock Out – 7/10

Location: Mr Grazier, 700 Bourke Street, Melbourne VIC 3000

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