Don’t judge a burger by its picture!

Not so long ago, I was out for lunch in the city and had a craving for trying a new burger somewhere (what’s new?!), so I headed down to “New York Burger on Collins”. This place operates within a small food court at 480 Collins Street. It is located between a Sri Lankan and Asian take away place, with other various options within close proximity too, so patrons are split for choice.

Being a Friday it was very busy and as I queued to order, I liked the names of some of the burgers – The Godfather, The Manhattan and The Wall Street Steak Burger. When it was my turn to order, I’d decided to go with “The 5th Avenue”, which came with 100% pure beef patty, BLT, tasty cheese, egg, onion and of course, it was another “hold the beetroot” moment.

Now, next to where you ordered, to help with your decision, there was a large board with a picture of each burger. The pictures created some scepticism as they told me that these burgers were more like a fish n chip shop styled burger, where the patty is almost as thin as sliced meat you get from the deli, and given I was so hungry, I thought it would be a good idea to add an extra patty and of course, an extra slice of cheese too.

There wasn’t any spare seats in the food court so I got this one take away, and when my name was called, I was handed the brown paper bag with my burger goodness inside. Straight away I noticed how heavy it was?! Maybe they accidentally placed 2 burgers inside by mistake?? By the time I got back to work, my hand was sore from holding such a tight grip on the heavy bag. I reached in and picked up the burger. It felt like a brick. What had I done?? I unwrapped the burger to find 2 massive patties inside. The meat was hanging out over the edges of the bun and I thought to myself, “OK. Maybe they weren’t thin styled patties after all?!” Lol

This beast was a carnivores delight. It was all meat, and the meat was heavy and dense to say the least. It was tasty, but it was also kind of spicy and fell apart a bit too much. You could barely taste the other ingredients. In fact, there was only one slice of tomato and the cheese slices were so small they were almost no where to be seen. Or was it a case of the patties being so big? Hmmmmmm…… and whilst the bun made it through in one piece, it was one of those buns that were soft on the inside, but leathery and a little bit chewy on the outside, you know?

So, it was an average burger. I’m not sure that the extra patty helped the situation as the meat did take over the burger, but I’m also not convinced that less meat would have made the rest of it any tastier either.

The shoestring fries that came with it were amazing, and I liked that they overfilled the bag with extra fries too! The only problem was I’d eaten so much meat, I could barely fit them in!

If you are in the area, I think you would be better off going a few more metres to Royal Stacks!

Where have you had a burger with a massive patty?
Light Weight – 5.8/10

Location: New York Burger, 480 Collins Street, Melbourne VIC 3000

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