Hello, Your Grace!

On a cold, wintery day there is nothing better than a warm, hearty meal. Even better if that meal is a quality burger that satisfies your every craving. So when I found myself hungry and in the city on a wet, miserable day, I needed to go somewhere that I knew would be good and give me that “hit the spot” feeling I was after. That “somewhere” was Royal Stacks on Collins Street. I have been here before and had a great experience, so I felt the chances of this happening again were quite high.

Despite the bad weather, and the fact it was a Thursday lunchtime, this place was packed with fellow Burgerites getting their burger groove on. I remembered last time I couldn’t decide between the “Double Stack” and the “Bacon Bacon”, and this time I was determined to try something different. I ordered “The King”, which comes with all Australian pasture fed beef patty (minced fresh daily), tomato, butter lettuce, hand made mac & cheese croquette, American mustard and special burger sauce. I was so excited. I have been dying to try a burger with Mac & cheese in it, and finally it was going to happen!!

When “the King” arrived, I had a “Game of Thrones” moment and thought “Hello, Your Grace!” – this burger looked terrific, and tasted even better! The Mac and cheese croquette was a fried ball of cheesy heaven and the hint of pasta amongst the beef, lettuce and tomato was awesome! Butter lettuce is fast moving up my list of favourite lettuces too! The special sauce was on point and was well proportioned so it did not over power the burger. And, yet again, Royal Stacks delivered a well constructed, perfectly sized, tidy little package, and every bite was like a taste explosion that literally did hit the spot!

For the sceptics out there who cringe at the thought of Mac and cheese being in their burger, think again because it was really tasty. Not dissimilar to fried chicken in a beef burger, don’t knock it until you’ve tried it. However, you need to know that the rest of the burger is high quality first, otherwise you could be making a bad burger even worse, and then you will never know the truth.

If you haven’t worked it out already, you need to get yourself down to Royal Stacks for a true American styled cheeseburger experience so you can walk out after having your spot hit…… hard!!

What do you think of Mac & Cheese in a burger?
KO – Knock Out – 8.2/10

Location: Royal Stacks, 470 Collins Street, Melbourne VIC 3000

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