Burgled steals the show!

When you find yourself out for dinner at a place that you have been before, where you know the burgers are tasty, sometimes it’s time to step it up, have something different and think big – what do you have to lose right? Well, that’s what happened to me recently, when I got down to Burgled in Oakleigh. The burgers at Burgled are really tasty, so I was excited to be there again.

I ordered the “Marco” burger which came with double beef patties, double cheese, double bacon and BBQ sauce. Then, I added pulled pork and in case that wasn’t going to be enough, I threw in something else that I’ve grown to love in a burger too – a crumbed chicken fillet! – why not huh?? I knew the burgers were good quality, and was so excited about trying this combo of beef, pork and chicken together. My mouth was watering!!

The burger arrived, and it looked amazing. Standing tall. Perfectly constructed. I couldn’t wait to get stuck into it. I squashed it down, picked it up and took a bite….. *sigh*….. so good! I felt weak at the knees! The beef was tasty, the chicken fillet wasn’t too thick, and the pulled pork was clearly ‘melt in your mouth’ flavour. The crispy bacon and BBQ sauce complimented the entire burger too. Overall, everything worked together perfectly and nothing took over the taste of the burger either. As soon as I finished, I knew I had just eaten something amazing, and was completely satisfied.

Chips on the side were really good, and this time I washed it all down with a traditional chocolate milkshake, which further complimented the meal too!

This was more than just a burger. It was an experience! Maybe it was the timing and the way I was feeling at the time, but all the planets aligned and no matter which way I look at it, this experience produced the best burger I’ve had so far! That’s right, we have a new leader sitting on top of the ladder now, and to appreciate just how good these burgers are, I suggest you get down to Burgled and find out for yourself!!

What do you think of Burgled?
Contender – 9.5/10

Location: Burgled, 287 Huntingdale Road, Oakleigh VIC 3166

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