We can be Heroes!

It was Saturday night and I had a hankering for a burger. Where to go? So many choices. I wanted somewhere I hadn’t been before, but heard good things about, so I headed down to “Heroes Burger Diner” in Hampton Park. This is an unassuming place, that is skewed towards a super hero theme and where the sign on the roof outside really needs a light!!

It had been a busy day and I was starving (what’s new?!), and wanted to make sure I did not leave feeling hungry. I ordered the “All Star” burger which came with beef patty, cheese, bacon, egg, house BBQ sauce, sweet onion, tomato relish, American mustard and tomato sauce. Then, rather than take the option to upsize it with pineapple and Beetroot (ugh!), I decided to throw in some southern fried chicken and a deep fried patty of mac n cheese too!! And yes, I may be growing a curly tail!!

While I waited I took the liberty of scoping out the burgers of the people around me and they looked good, so I was definitely looking forward to this experience. Finally, it arrived and it looked awesome! Especially with the egg yolk running down the outside. I picked it up to start my attack, and took my first bite, which was really just all chicken! Then I hit a bit of trouble. The slippery little sucker started to slide all over the place and I almost lost everything out the back of the burger, but I regained my composure, realigned my grip and continued on.

It tasted sooooooo good!! The meat was really tasty and the sauces, egg and bacon all worked well together too. In fact, the bacon was really fresh and there was plenty of it too! The added chicken was cooked perfectly and not too greasy, plus the cheesy goodness of the Mac n cheese made it even better. The bun was ok but not the greatest of all time as it was really buttery, but it did hold up until the very end, so I can’t be too critical. The only real criticism was that this was a seriously messy eating experience. Now, I know that I added fried chicken and Mac n cheese, but it was made worse because the chicken was on top and the Mac n cheese on the bottom. I would have preferred them around the other way. Chicken on the bottom would have made for a more solid base, and then the Mac n cheese would have run down the burger rather than be a mushy surface that all the other ingredients slipped all over.

Chips were pretty good, and I went a water with the meal, however in hindsight I should have grabbed a milkshake instead – something for next time!

Overall, apart from being a filthy mess, this was a really good burger, so it’s definitely worth taking the time to get down to Heroes……. “just for one day!”

What do other people think of Heroes?
KO – Knock Out – 8.1/10

Location: Heroes Burger Diner, 14/6 Fordholm Road, Hampton Park VIC 3976

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  1. Thanks for visiting!!! We are glad you enjoyed your visit, a great review despite this being our busiest time of the week. We noted some of your concerns with the Mac and cheese patty to be on top of the beef of chicken patties to avoid mess. Thank you for helping us improve. All feedback is greatly appreciated. Looking forward to your next visit 🙂 say hi next time. Regards DJ. Heroes burger diner

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