The sequel!

Two weeks since my last burger, and I was ready to bite the leg off a chair!! Hopefully it would be while I was waiting in a burger place for a feed of course!! This time I went back to “Beer Deluxe” in Federation Square. The last time I was there, the experience was not the greatest of all time, and to their credit, when they saw the review, they contacted me, told me they must have had an off night, and invited me back for a free burger and beer to find out! So, in the interests of complete transparency, and as detailed in TGBC disclaimer, whilst this experience was at no cost, “an honest opinion will always be provided”.

The lunchtime crowd had arrived and the place was packed. I decided to try and keep things the same, so I ordered “the lot burger” again, which came with beef patty, BLT, cheese, egg, onion, mayo and deluxe sauce. This time I threw in a second patty too for good measure! I was really looking forward to this burger, and it finally arrived!! Despite being a little lop sided, it look really good. Sauce, cheese and egg oozing everywhere too! The temperature was better this time around, which was a good start!! And just like last time, the meat was really good. The other ingredients were fresh and tasty too.

The only problem was the bun! It was not soft enough and had no give in it at all! It was too dry to withstand the second patty and copious amounts of sauce running all over the place. It tore to shreds with every bite! The bun foundation (bottom) completely disappeared before finishing, so I had to improvise and use the lettuce leaf as a quasi bun!! I think I started to understand what a bun-less burger experience was like, and let’s just say, you won’t ever see me having a burger in a bowl!!

Fat, curled chips on the side were OK, but I’m not a fan of the curly chip to start with, so I’m a tough critic! Washed down with an Alpha Queen beer this time, which was nice, as it had a subtle, fruity after taste to it too.

Overall, the burger was definitely an improvement on last time, and it would be heaps better with an improved bun too. Anyway, I really appreciated being invited back. It was like sales and marketing 101 – bravo, Beer Deluxe!

Where is the best burger bun?
Split Decision – 6.1/10

Location: Beer Deluxe, Federation Square, Flinder Street, Melbourne VIC 3000

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