3 times a Bogan!

Father’s Day. Any chance of not having a burger? Ha! Of course not! I made my way to the Great Burger Caper’s current number 1 ranked burger joint – Burgled!! I headed to Knox this time to check out their new place, and I knew exactly what I wanted to eat too. I wanted to have a crack at their burger challenge. Why not I say?!

I ordered, the amusingly named, “Mass Murderer”, which is a triple “Bogan” burger – ie triple beef, triple cheese, triple bacon, triple egg, lettuce, tomato, onion, BBQ sauce, aioli and hold the Beetroot!! It also comes with a thick shake too, and I went chocolate. The goal is to finish the burger and shake in the quickest possible time and if you beat the record, it’s free! Sounds easy enough. So what’s the record I hear you ask??…… just a lazy, 2 minutes 37 seconds and that’s only at the Knox store. Apparently, the overall record is approx 1 minute, 30 seconds!! Yes. You read that right. 1 minute, 30 seconds!! Unbelievable!! Anyway, the waiter tried to insist that he stand there and time me while I ate, but that’s like timing me while I ran a 100 metre race to see if I could beat a record set by Usain Bolt!! I was more than happy to enjoy the experience and simply get through the meal, without trying to break any records or making myself sick.

This was a pretty big burger and picking it up was the first challenge. Once I got my grip and got started, I was away! The meat tasted so good and was perfectly complimented by all the other ingredients. Bacon was spot on and it had just the right amount of cheese and sauces too. The bun was on point, and withstood the pressure of the challenge, literally! However, I think the best part was the egg. I’m already a big fan of egg on a burger, and when there’s three of them, it’s even better. In fact, they were egg-squisite and I was egg-static about it too!! Lol

I also ordered some chips on the side (in case I was still hungry!), which were really tasty, and the chocolate milkshake was delightful too!! Pleasingly, I achieved my goal and finished everything. I felt a great sense of satisfaction for having got through the challenge and also for having enjoyed another amazing burger at Burgled.

Which burger challenge have you tried?
KO – Knock Out – 8.5/10

Location: Burgled, 9068a Adelaide Street, Wantirna South VIC 3152

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