Livin’ on the Edge!

Still on holidays in Coolangatta recently, and it was pouring with rain, so in an attempt to shrug off the wintery Blues, I decided to get out and go for a burger somewhere. I made my way down to “Burger Edge” in Tweed Heads. I know there are plenty of these stores across the country, and given their website says their philosophy is “Honest food, personal service and value for money”, I was keen to find out what it was all about.

After reading through their extensive menu, I finally decided to go with “The Beef Stack” which came with double beef patty, double tasty cheese, pickled cucumber, grilled onion, tomato, lettuce, tomato sauce and American mustard. Then, to make it more like an Aussie burger with the lot, I added bacon and egg too. You also choose either a white or whole meal bun and for some of the burgers on the menu, you can have either a regular sized burger or smaller burgerette too.

First impressions of this burger were good, and I just needed it to cool down a fraction before starting my attack. When I picked it up it was heavy, and slid around a bit, so I needed to adjust my grip a few times before starting. Once I got into it and started to get a more even distribution of ingredients with each bite, it tasted good. The meat was full of flavour, and other ingredients were fresh and tasty too. The pickled cucumber was really strong in flavour and almost took over the entire burger. Adding bacon and egg turned out to be a smart move, as it just added another dimension of flavour. The only criticism was the bun. I’m not a big fan of a flour dusted bun to start with, but I also think it was too big for the burger. The juice from both patties and sauces were soaked into the bottom of the bun, which did not create the firmest base and caused it to rip more than it should have.

All that being said, it was a pretty tasty burger. Fat chips on the side were really, really good and being able to wash it all down with a Corona made for a good experience.

If this is the standard at each of their outlets, then I’d say it is definitely worthwhile trying out for yourself. Although, the risk of them suffering MSDE (Multiple Store Dilution Effect) is likely to be high, so be careful!!

What do you think of Burger Edge?
TKO – Technical Knock Out – 7.2/10

Location: Burger Edge, 53 Minjungbal Drive, South Tweed NSW 2486

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  1. I have had many burgers @ Burger Edge everyone has been of high quality and presented well with high quality service and most important the staff always greet you with a smile regards Bruce Pepper

    1. Hi Bruce, great to hear that you have always had a good experience. I will definitely be back to try them out again at some stage. Thanks for taking the time to comment, and let me know if you stumble across an amazing burger in the future too!

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