Another day in Paradise!

Being on holidays, you need a reference point to start with any burger searching, so after looking through the Gold Coast Bulletins top 10 burgers for 2016, I wanted to check out the second place winner – “Brooklyn Depot” in Surfers Paradise. According to their website, it has been inspired by old Brooklyn and their menu is filled with American favourites like hot dogs, wings and of course burgers!! Naturally, I was pretty excited to be getting the opportunity to chow down on one of their tasty treats and find out how good it actually was.

There are plenty of burgers on the menu, covering all the food groups – beef, lamb, pork and chicken! Despite the lure of some cool named burgers like the “Filthy Pilgrim”, “Fuhgeddaboudit” and “Fugazy”, I couldn’t go past “The Depot Burger” – two grass fed beef patties, double American cheese, hickory smoked bacon, grilled pineapple, oak leaf lettuce, tomato and Depot special sauce. I resisted the urge to throw in a fried, buttermilk chicken fillet and decided to try it out straight from the menu and unaltered.

First impressions were good. Served on a wooden board, this burger looked perfectly constructed and symmetrical all the way around. I picked it up, and took the first bite. OH MY GOD! It tasted so good. I’m glad I was sitting because I was weak at the knees! The beef was so tasty, and each of the other ingredients were like a taste explosion. The crispy bacon against the beef and cheese provided great texture and the grilled pineapple was in perfect ratio to the rest of the burger, providing the right hint of subtle sweetness. The special sauce was spot on and the bun was one of the best going around – exactly the right size for the burger and withstood the pressure for the entire journey, ensuring a clean and tidy feed.

Skinny fries on the side were pretty good, and the thick shake I ordered was one of the best – the “Yo’ Mama” with ice cream, strawberry purée, strawberry sauce and Kit Kat shards. It was unbelievable and washed down the burger in fine style!

Overall, this is definitely considered a “contender” as it was one of the best burgers and overall experiences I have had. Looks like this one might actually be the best burger on the Gold Coast, so get in there and get on it!!

Where is the best burger you have had on holidays?
Contender – 9.2/10

Location: Brooklyn Depot, 4217 / 10 Beach Road, Surfers Paradise QLD 4217

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