What’s in the Trunk?

With the sun breaking through the clouds and changing the gloomy weather we were having, it also marked the time to get out and enjoy a burger. I headed out to “Trunk Restaurant & Bar” in Exhibition Street. This place has been on my list for ages, and when I got there to find some construction work going on, I almost thought it was closed. Luckily for me, being a Monday, it was just quiet. Phew!

I sat outside in the beer garden, and enjoyed the sunshine. The burger menu is simple, which made the choice easy. I ordered the “Wagyu Burger” which comes with 175g freshly ground Wagyu beef, thick-cut tomato, house made pickles, baby cos lettuce on a brioche bun. Interestingly, the burger doesn’t come with cheese, so I had to add that as extra, and I also threw in some bacon and egg to bulk up this burger and give it a better chance of filling the enormous hole in my stomach! The burger is also served medium rare, and whilst I would prefer medium, I just went with it.

The burger arrived. First thing that hits me….. most of the ingredients were on the side?! Outside the burger!? That’s right! The lettuce, tomato, onion and pickles were all on the side. Now, maybe this is too trendy or hipster or something for me, but if I want to make my own burger, I will do it at home! Interestingly, there was no sauce on the burger either, so I grabbed the BBQ sauce on the table and put it all together.

I took a deep breath and tried to be like Taylor Swift and “Shake it off”, but the taste of this burger was no chart topper! The meat was bland, and being medium rare, was too red and almost moo-ing at me! It wasn’t hot enough either and the tomato bordering on being frozen made it worse. I didn’t even put the pickles in the burger because they looked like rubber!

The fries on the side would have been ok if they were hot, or at least warm, and it turned out that the best part of this experience was the pint of Kosciuszko Pale Ale, which was actually quite tasty.

Overall, I cannot not say I was impressed, and I would understand if they were busy, but you could have counted the people there on one hand! I still remain completely confused as to why you would not simply add the ingredients to the burger, rather than serve it on the side?! And just when I thought it couldn’t get any worse, I got the bill and found out that the slice of cheese cost me an extra $1.50 and the bacon and egg were $3 each….. Ummmmm really?? The fries were only $4?! So that meant it was $18 for a cold, ordinary tasting burger that I had to put together myself? Wow! I hope “trunk” isn’t a reference to an elephant because this is an experience I’d like to forget!

What has been your experience at Trunk?
Throw in the Towel – 4.8/10

Location: Trunk Restaurant & Bar, 275 Exhibition Street, Melbourne VIC 3000

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