Spoilt for choice

It can be difficult sometimes to decide which burger place to go to. There are so many options and so much to consider, like travel distance, menu options and reputation. So when there is an event that has 18 different burger trucks and pop up stores in the one place, there’s no question about where to go, which is exactly what I did recently at the first Hank Marvin Burger Biannual. It was like burger heaven. As I walked around the park surveying the options, I was excited because there was so much to choose from, but also slightly overwhelmed too. Could I actually fit in 3 or 4 different burgers in one session? Hmmmmmm maybe not! But then is that wasting the high level of burger accessibility available?

I finally narrowed down the choices and decided to place all my bets on “That Burger Joint”, who are usually located in St Kilda and who I have also been keen to test out. I ordered the “Double BJ with Bacon”, which came with 2 x 150gm Wagyu beef patties, cos lettuce, sliced tomato (luckily it was sliced and not a whole tomato! Lol), Spanish onion, melted American cheddar, cherry wood bacon, a dash of tomato relish, BJ herb mayo and encased in a Japanese milk bun. I waited for what felt like a lifetime, although I was starving and taking as long as I did to decide what to have didn’t help with my concept of time.

It was finally ready. Half wrapped in paper and in a cardboard tray, it looked really good. I found a bench seat so I could sit and enjoy my feast. I unwrapped it and realised it was a seriously big burger. Juice was running everywhere as I loaded up and started to devour it. A few bites into it though and I realised that the meat didn’t have much flavour. It was like bland sausage meat that hadn’t been cooked properly or that had been boiled instead of grilled. It was soft and mushy, which was disappointing because I had enjoyed watching it being cooked on a BBQ grill, so expected it to be super tasty. Otherwise, the rest of the burger was great, especially the bacon, cheese and sauces. The bun was good too. I just couldn’t get past the ordinary tasting meat. It was too much. I think it just needed to be cooked for a bit longer or at a higher temperature or something.

No chips with the meal or anything to wash it down this time. It was all about the burger!!

Overall, the Hank Marvin Burger Biannual is a great idea. Unfortunately, my choice this time left me disappointed – maybe they are better on their home turf? Who knows? Either way, I will definitely be back for the festival next year where I might try and fit in a few burgers from more than one place to reduce the risk of further disappointment. Let the training begin!!

What has your experience been like at “That Burger Joint”?
Split Decision – 6.2/10

Location: That Burger Joint, 221 Barkly Street, St Kilda VIC 3182

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