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It was early in the new year, and another beautiful, sunny day, when I found myself in desperate need of a burger for lunch. I was out east and headed to a place that I have driven past plenty of times, but never had the chance (or time) to stop – “Rocco’s Burger Bar” in Croydon North. I have often wondered what their burgers were like, so I was excited to be finally trying them out.

There are plenty of burgers to choose from, but this time I couldn’t go past “The Lot” – beef, bacon, egg, tasty cheese, grilled onion, pineapple, cos, tomato & tomato relish on a ciabatta bun, and of course, “Hold the Beetroot”. Now, given I was feeling particularly hungry and that there was the option to have either beef or chicken, I decided to go both and threw in a crispy chicken fillet to bulk up this super sized delight. Plus I threw in some extra bacon too – I mean, who doesn’t like bacon right?? Especially when it’s inside a burger! I also noticed that some of the other burgers on the menu had a brioche bun, so I swapped the ciabatta too.

This was a seriously big burger that stood tall! There seemed to be lots of chicken and despite it hanging out all over the place, the rest of the burger looked to be pretty well constructed. I wasn’t sure how I was going to attack this one and it took me a few takes to get the right grip and right side to start on. I think the first bite was all chicken, but it only took me a few bites to get into a rhythm. This was a good burger. The beef and chicken were both really tasty, and the egg, bacon, cheese, onion and pineapple, all played their part too. The only thing was that there seemed to be a massive amount of tomato relish on the bottom, and when it’s against the cos lettuce too, it becomes more slippery than detergent on a back yard slip ‘n slide! This caused the bottom bun to completely disintegrate too. However, having said that, I did decide to swap the bun for the softer brioche. In hindsight, especially because I added crispy chicken, I should have stayed with the stronger ciabatta bun!

Chips on the side were ok, and needed lots of salt for mine! Highly recommend the chocolate thick shake though – it was delightful, and the perfect accompaniment to the meal.

Overall, this was a good experience. I would definitely revisit to maybe try their straight up “Cheeseburger” without any alterations and reduce the risk of any ‘bottom bun’ malfunctions!

Who likes bacon on their burger?
Split Decision – 6.9/10

Location: Rocco’s Burger Cafe, 1 Exeter Road, Croydon North VIC 3136

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  1. We were the there the other week. I went the cheee burger and needed to wipe off the excess mustard, Dave went the sliders and voted the pulled pork the best. Their onion rings are pretty awesome!

    1. Thanks for the comment Bron. Sounds like you had a mixed experience? Good enough for another visit I’d say!

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