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6 days since my last burger and I was getting itchy to try out another creation from somewhere. This time I headed to a small place that I knew very little about called “Grill Me Burgers” in Caulfield. I walked into this small take away joint and took my time reviewing the menu board. I couldn’t go past the “Aussie Bite” – fire grilled beef patty, crispy trim bacon, egg, cheese, mixed lettuce, tomato and BBQ sauce. Yet again, it was another “hold the beetroot” moment too!

As I waited, I noticed it was a funky little place that started to get a few people through the doors too. This was a good sign! Finally my burger arrived and it looked ok, although I was sceptical about the bun. I waited a little bit for the temperature to drop and reach a “woofable” level before picking it up and starting my attack. The beef patty was really tasty, and so was the egg, bacon and BBQ sauce. However, on the flip side, the “mixed lettuce” was mostly rocket lettuce together with what seemed like a few different weeds from the garden. Ugh!! Rocket lettuce has really shot to the bottom of the preferred lettuce list for me – terrible stuff! My first thoughts about the bun were right too. It was dry, tasteless and tore apart as I ate through it, especially in the parts where the BBQ sauce was heavier.

Chips on the side were no good, and they had tried to be “flavoured up” with some salty spices over them, but that wasn’t going to fool anyone. Overall, an average experience that was a bit hit and miss. The burger has potential and if you changed the lettuce and improved the bun, it would make it a lot more tasty in my opinion.

What do you think of rocket lettuce on a burger?
Split Decision – 6.1/10

Location: Grill Me, 357A Hawthorn Road, Caulfield VIC 3162

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