Black Label Aussie

Found myself in the Mount Waverley area recently, and headed out for a quick bite to eat. I pulled up at a group of shops trying to figure out where to go, then I turned to my right and saw something I didn’t know was there. It looked like a burger place, and upon closer inspection, it was and it was called “Black Label Grill”. I quickly checked the menu and liked what I saw, so I headed in to find out what it was like.

I grabbed a menu, sat down and started to work out exactly what I was going to have. Given I hadn’t heard anything about this place, I decided to go with their “Aussie” burger, which was like a burger with the lot. It came with black Angus beef, cheese, smoky bacon, egg, lettuce, tomato, smoky BBQ sauce and “hold the beetroot!”. I decided to take the option of adding grilled pineapple too.

My interest for this burger grew as I waited. I started thinking about how awesome it would be if I accidentally stumbled across an amazing burger. It’d be like getting a Christmas present you love that’s not on your list! Anyway, the burger arrived and it looked pretty good. I picked it up, got a good grip and started to devour it. One of the first things that hits me is how sweet the pineapple was, maybe it was too sweet? I wasn’t sure. The meat was good and so were the other ingredients, especially the bacon. However, the bun wasn’t great and was a bit dry for my liking.

Chips on the side were not worth raving about, but the chocolate shake was reasonably good and accompanied the meal well.

Overall, it was a bit “hit and miss”. The burger simply lacked that “x-factor” that really lifts the experience to another level.  I would like to go back and try their “Bad Boy” burger with beef, pork schnitzel and chicken schnitzel, but this outing wasn’t enough for me to rush back anytime soon. I know that higher quality bourbon is often called “black label”, unfortunately that theory didn’t translate in the burger world this time!

Where have you been surprised by a burger?
Split Decision – 6.4/10

Location: Black Label Grill, 13 Centreway, Mount Waverley VIC 3149

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