Stack’d Okker!

Working through the long list of burger places to visit, is basically like having a burger bucket list, except that despite crossing names off regularly, the list seems to get longer with more and more new places continuing to opening. This time, I decided to head south east of Melbourne to a place called “Stack’d Burger Bar” in Berwick. I have been wanting to try this place for a while, and was excited to be finally getting there to try one of their burgers.

There is plenty to choose from on their menu, including beef, lamb and chicken burgers. This time, rather than going for the “Double Decker” option, I was in the mood for more of a traditional, “aussie” styled burger so went for the “Okker Okker” burger – beef, bacon, free range egg, tasty cheese, pineapple, salad (lettuce and tomato), tomato sauce, aioli and of course, “hold the beetroot!”

It looked good when it came out, and I couldn’t wait to get started, although still waited the regulation few minutes to allow it to cool down a fraction. There is nothing worse than not being able to taste the burger because it’s too hot and you spend you’re time trying to cool it down in your mouth. Anyway, back to the burger….. firstly, the cheese wasn’t completely melted, which was kind of a let down, considering my view is that the cheese must be melted to the burger. I’d say it was most likely placed on the patty during construction, providing for only a partial melt experience!

This was a seriously juicy burger, in fact too juicy. The lettuce was wetter than a fish in a wet t-shirt contest, and when the water mixed with the sauce, it literally poured out of the burger. Plus there was way too much aioli and the tomato sauce was no where to be found?! The meat was the highlight and tasted pretty good, as well as the bacon, and sweet pineapple.

Chips on the side, were just chips and the chocolate milk shake was just milk and topping only, which I likened to the fashion theory, of “the look for less”, ie it was expensive ($6.50) for something that you could get exactly the same elsewhere for less money.

Overall, an average experience and in summary, whilst I have had worse, I have also had a lot better too.

Where do you think is the best milkshake?
Light Weight – 5.9/10

Location: Stack’d Burger Bar, Eden Rise Village, 95 O’Shea Road, Berwick VIC 3806

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