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Going away on holidays is always filled with new adventures, and obviously I always enjoy it when those adventures include a new burger place that isn’t usually on the radar. Therefore, when staying on the Surf Coast recently, and the opportunity to try a new burger place came up, I was fast to head straight for “Boss Burger Co” in Geelong West. I had seen and heard plenty of good things about this place, so was super keen to find out what it was like.

Unfortunately there were no seats left outside to sit and enjoy the beautiful sunshine, so I settled for a table inside. I knew I wanted to try something different and test this place out so decided to order “The Boss” with beef, lettuce, cheese, tomato, pickles, ketchup and boss sauce, then I added bacon, fried chicken and mac ‘n’ cheese too!

Served half wrapped in paper and upright in a small, individual tray, this beast was exploding up into the air as if it were reaching out to me, dying for me to enjoy the delightfulness it had to offer, and I was just as eager to get into it too. I picked it up, squeezed and squashed it around a bit so I could get a good grip and have half a chance at getting my mouth around it. A few bites in and I knew that this was an awesome burger. The beef was dark and at first glance appeared to be over cooked, but that was not the case. It was juicy and full of flavour. The fried chicken was also really tasty and as usual, worked perfectly with the beef. The cheese was great, the bun soft and the boss sauce was the perfect compliment to the overall burger – not too hot and just the right amount of kick. Adding mac ‘n’ cheese was another good move, as it made for an even cheesier affair, plus the crispy bacon provided great texture through the burger too.

Chips on the side were delightful, and the strawberry (thick) shake hit the spot too.

There is a sign on the wall in pink and blue neon that reads ‘Burgers & Dreams’, which reminded me of the famous movie, Cocktail and also summed up this experience. It was the stuff that burger dreams are made of and it had my tastebuds jumping for joy. In summary, there is no question that this is a “contender” for best burger, taking second spot on the ladder and highlighting the need for this place to be very high on your hit list!

What do you think of Boss Burger Co?
Contender – 9.3/10

Location: Boss Burger Co, 206 Pakington Street, Geelong West VIC 3218

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