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It was a lovely, sunny day in Melbourne recently and after finishing a meeting in St Kilda, I realised it was lunch time or should I say Burger time?! I decided to head into Richmond and visit a place that has been on my wish list for a very long time – “1090 Burger”. I finally found a park and as I walked there, I could feel the excitement brewing. The first thing I noticed was the sign out the front that reads “It’s guaranteed” – I loved the confidence!!

I decided to order the “1090 Burger” – grass fed Angus beef, cheese, mayo, ketchup, lettuce, tomato, red onion and mustard. I resisted the option to make it a double and added egg, bacon and some southern fried chicken instead. Why not? I’d heard so many good things about this place, I was keen to make sure I didn’t waste the opportunity. There is nothing worse than when you have a killer burger and end up regretting not making alterations. Ok, I know there are plenty of things worse, but you get the idea right?!

As soon as it arrived, I simply said “whoa!” and chuckled to myself with excitement. This burger was big. The chicken was massive and I could feel the heat coming off it, so had to be patient while it cooled down. I couldn’t wait any longer. I was willing to risk burning my mouth for this burger because it looked so good. The beef was flavoursome and cooked perfectly. The chicken (apart from being way too hot) was delightful. Adding bacon and egg was a good move and the bun was one of the best – soft and tasty! The mayo was nice, however there was way too much of it and given it was at the top on the lettuce, it made the burger super slippery and oozed everywhere. The onion was very over powering too, and might be better with caramelised rather than raw.

Shoestring fries on the side were really good, and this time I went with a traditional Melbourne Bitter to accompany the meal, which topped off a good experience all round.

Overall, this was a really good burger and looks like their guarantee stood up too. Well worth visiting to find out for yourself.

Do you prefer raw onion or caramelised onion on a burger?
KO – Knock Out – 8.3/10

Location: 1090 Burger, 181A Swan Street, Richmond VIC 3121

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