This little piggy went to Sherbrooke

Amongst a string of cold and gloomy days recently, the sun decided to make an unexpected appearance. When that happens, you get out amongst it and enjoy it while it lasts, which is exactly what I did recently. I decided to take a drive up the mountain and visit an amusingly named placed called the “Piggery café” in Sherbrooke.

This place was filled with lots of families and kids who were enjoying the grassy surrounds and play area. I decided to sit outside in the glorious sunshine and try to soak up as many “rays” as possible. Interestingly, the menu includes a “beetroot burger”, which I obviously avoided. I decided to go with the “Cheese Burger” instead – David Blackmore Wagyu burger, cheese, iceberg, tomato, onion, pickles and smoked bacon.  David Blackmore Wagyu is also used at Rockpool Restaurant, and given my past experience there, I wasn’t sure how this was going to play out?!

First thing I noticed when it arrived was the cheese was not melted! Ugh!! Why is it so hard to melt some cheese to a patty? I can do it when I cook burgers at home on the BBQ so I don’t understand what is so difficult? Anyway…. I powered ahead and got on with it. The burger was ok. Luckily (unlike Rockpool) the meat was really tasty and so was the bacon. However, there was way too much mustard, which took over the taste of the burger and there was not much else to compete with in terms of flavours. The bun was soft and held up without ripping apart, which was a bonus.

Hand cut chips on the side, with rosemary and salt were amazing, except they were a bit on the cold side. And this time I went with a Hawthorn Amber Ale which was “an auburn coloured, English styled ale, highlighted by classic British hops and rich malt characters” – at least that’s what it said on the bottle!! I thought it was “okay”! Lol

Overall, the experience was average, and not enough to get me back for another burger. Value for money is not good either, as the burger cost $21 plus small chips were $5! Having said that, if you were interested in getting out, going for a drive and having a bite to eat, with or without kids, it’s a place worth visiting.

What do you think of cheese not being melted in a burger?
Split Decision – 6.3/10

Location: Piggery Cafe, 1 Sherbrooke Road, Sherbrooke VIC 3789

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