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Being a known lover of burgers, more often than not, I regularly have people (mostly friends) provide recommendations of places to visit to try out various burger creations. During this time, I have often heard, “go to Grill’d, their burgers are great”, which I am always surprised about, as I have been there before and don’t remember them being anything special, so I have always avoided having to revisit. That was until recently, when someone said to me, “but you still need to do a review”, and they were right. So, I decided to get myself down to the local Grill’d at Westfield Knox for a bite to eat.

“Healthy burgers” is sprawled across the top of the menu. What is a healthy burger anyway? Is there such a thing? Doesn’t that take the fun out of it? These were the thoughts going through my mind as I reviewed the menu. Despite there being new “Speciality Wagyu Burgers”, I opted for the traditional style so I could truly measure the quality of the original burgers. I ordered the “Mighty Melbourne”, which came with beef, tasty cheese, crispy bacon, free range egg, salad, relish, herbed mayo and as usual, “hold the beetroot!”. According to the menu, the patty is “100% grass fed, free range Australian beef, ground coarsely with their signature relish and herbs so it’s moist and flavoursome. Free from preservatives, antibiotics and all added hormones”. Antibiotics?? So it’s not from sick cows that have had the flu?! Lol

The burger arrived and looked impressive. I was starving so I got stuck into it straight away. The bacon and egg were really good. The meat was ok, however I couldn’t help but feel it had an artificial type taste about it. It’s hard to explain, but it just tasted different somehow. The relish was ok too, and I’m definitely not a fan of the herbed mayo – too much of it and too sickly for me. And despite having my choice of bun, it was too dry and not flash at all.

Chips on the side were ok, but enough with the herbs already!? I wasn’t in the mood for a beer either (yes, hell has probably frozen over too!) and without any shakes on the menu, I decided to go a plain bottle of water this time.

Overall, the burger was ok, and value for money was reasonable too. Part of me just feels that the notion of “healthy burgers” means that whilst you might take out all the stuff that’s bad for your health, you are also probably taking out a bulk of the best flavours too! Anyway, I just think there are plenty of better burgers out there, although there are also some that are worse too.

What do you think of Grill’d?
Light Weight – 5.4/10

Location: Grill’d, Knox Ozone Shopping Centre, 425 Burwood Highway, Wantirna VIC 3152

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