Slick Rick is filthy!

Almost half way through winter, and it was another cold day in Melbourne, so I decided to warm up the soul with a burger. I scrolled through the list of places I am yet to visit, and one stood out – “The Little Food Hut” in Mulgrave. I have read plenty of good stories about this place on social media and their burgers look delightful, so I was excited to be finally trying it out.

I rolled up and saw that the name speaks for itself. It literally is a “little food hut”! Inside you will find an old school styled café that no doubt would be packed full of hungry workers each and every day. Luckily, I was there just before lunch, so didn’t have to wrestle anyone for a table.

Despite a good menu full of different burgers, and the lure of “The Triple Double”, as soon as I saw the burger listed next, the choice became simple – “Slick Rick with a Chick” – one of the best named burgers I’ve heard! This beast came with double beef patties, southern fried chicken, triple bacon, triple cheese, pickle and secret sauce. Ahhhhh a carnivores delight!

It arrived in a plastic basket and was half wrapped in trucker styled foil. The fried chicken was exploding out of the burger and you could barely see the beef. I was starving so I risked getting burnt by the hot chicken and got stuck straight into it. This was a great burger. The beef was tasty, the chicken was awesome and together they were a magnificent combo. The crispy bacon added the perfect, complimenting texture, and the special sauce was full of flavour, without being over powering. The bun was soft and tasty too. This burger was what I would describe as “filthy” – and that’s in a good way! The only criticism, was that the bacon was a little burnt in places, but it did not detract from still tasting great.

Fat chips on the side were terrific and cooked perfectly. Plus a cold bottle of water to drink and lunch was complete!

Overall, a really good experience and one that I would definitely recommend. It may not look like much from the outside, but as they say, it’s what’s in the burger that counts!!

What do you think of crispy bacon in a burger?
KO – Knock Out – 8.4/10

Location: The Little Food Hut, 1 Dunlop Road, Mulgrave VIC 3170

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