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Friday lunchtime and another burger was on the cards. This time, I found myself in Springvale, and after reviewing my burger bucket list, I headed to a place called “Double D”. Except for a few social media mentions here and there, I had not heard much about this place, so I was looking forward to possibly uncovering a burger masterpiece!

This is a small place located close to the station, and as I reviewed the menu, I thought of ordering a chicken and beef combo burger. However, I ended up deciding to go for the signature burger, the “Double D” – with double Angus beef, American cheddar cheese, onion jam, lettuce, double D aioli and teriyaki sauce on a brioche burger bun! To be honest, at first I didn’t want to order this burger because the teriyaki sauce seemed a bit strange, but then the ‘lure of the unknown’ set in and started to pull at my conscience. “Different” is what it’s about sometimes, so I just ordered it and got on with things.

The burger arrived and standing upright in a small, cardboard box, it looked amazing. You could smell the teriyaki sauce, and it smelt good too. I couldn’t wait. I picked it up and got stuck into it. The small bit of scepticism I had in the back of my head quickly disappeared with the first bite. It tasted great. The beef was so tasty and surprisingly well complimented by the teriyaki sauce too. I thought the sauce would be really sickly, but it was actually quite good. The butter lettuce, cheese and onion jam were all good too. I’m not convinced that the aioli was the perfect match, however it also wasn’t too powerful so fitted in well enough.

Chips on the side were crispy, lightly salted and not bad either. One of the main highlights was the “Double Chocolate Tim Tam Milkshake”. Despite being disappointed that the “Double D” name wasn’t a reference to different “cup sizes”, I was super impressed with how amazing this milkshake, sorry, thick shake tasted. It was like an ice-cream infused Tim Tam drink. So good!!

Overall, this was a great experience and definitely a surprise packet too. Whilst not something I would have all the time, I have to say the teriyaki sauce worked really well on the burger. So if you’re up for a tasty burger with a slightly different angle, then I would recommend you get down to “Double D” and try it out.

What do you think of teriyaki sauce on a burger?
TKO – Technical Knock Out – 7.9/10

Location: Double D, 4 Lightwood Road, Springvale VIC 3171

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